Nalanda 18khz Metal Detector, Treasure Hunters Gold Finder with 5 Detection Modes Adjustable Sensitivity and Submersible Search Coil


Nalanda Metal Detector High Accuracy Waterproof Outdoor Treasure Hunters 2 Detection Modes Adjustable Sensitivity Built-in Speaker for Beginners, Hobbies, Outdoor Gold Digger- MD6030


Nalanda 18kHz Metal Detector with 5 Detection Modes, Outdoor Gold Digger Metal Finder with Adjustable Sensitivity Waterproof Search Coil LCD Display (Included Earphones & Foldable Shovel)


Nalanda Improved Waterproof Pinpointer Metal Detector for Treasure, Gold, Sliver, Jewelrys, Rinds Finding Up to 10 Meters Underwater - Fits for both Adults, Kids. Accessory for Metal Detector, 9V Batteries


Nalanda Underwater Metal Detector with All Metal and Pinpoint Modes, LED Indicator, Stable Detection Depth, Automatic Tuning, Variable Tones

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