LuguLake Vintage Phonograph, Retro Gramophone Record Player Turntable with copper horn, Remote Control, Built-in BT 4.0/Subwoofer/3.5mm Aux-in/ USB/FM

LuguLake Vintage Phonograph, Retro Gramophone Record Player Turntable with copper horn, Remote Control, Built-in BT 4.0/Subwoofer/3.5mm Aux-in/ USB/FM

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  • 【Ingenuity Craftsmanship with Elegant Aesthetics】Featured fine and sturdy wood base, this beautiful vintage phonograph is expertly handcrafted by highly skilled artisans with several processes. Its smooth lines with the hand-colored paint nicely detailed in all of the sides. The copper-plated horn is riveted by 8 petals of copper by hand with the antiquated surface. With all these sophisticated details and delicate skills, we eventually create this luxury vintage phonograph.
  • 【High quality and Richer Stereo Sound】The horn equipped with a 10w tweeter will maximally reproduce the realism of sound. The sound amplified by the horn will be more effective, powerful and clean to shake your soul. It also built with independent subwoofer and 2 x 20W full-range stereo speakers in the base giving a 360-degree stereo surround sound with rich and multi-layer feeling. The stylus and the horn are better for the treble and the independent subwoofer is thick and shocking.
  • 【Perfect for Multiple Music Types and Occasions】No matter you are into blues, jazz, classical or even rock music style, this high-quality will bring you the most authentic and heartbeat music atmosphere to life. Besides its high-quality sound, it is also a piece of art. Its elegant, sleek and retro style will be the best decor for any occasion no matter in hotels, clubs, bars, yoga rooms, home or office decoration, or be used as souvenirs, collectibles or Christmas gifts.
  • 【Best Combination of Vintage Aesthetics and Modern Technology】With 2-Speed(33/45) Turntable and Mid-Century Modern look, people will fall in love with this vintage music player immediately. Whether you are a traditional vinyl lover or a modern technology fan, this gramophone will be your best choice, it can not only stream your favorite music via Bluetooth, USB but also will play the daily tunes on the FM Radio, from the vinyl, or through the 3.5mm Aux input, and supports Remote Control.
  • 【Quick and Easy to Set up to Enjoy the Music Playing】Simply install it with a very easy understanding manual within 10 minutes, no skill or tools needed, ready to enjoy your favorite music! We are here to provide professional customer service and 12 months Warranty for a reassuring purchase.

  • Product description

    Firstly invented in 1877, the phonograph gets popular in the mass audience worldwide very soon, from that time, music is not the privilege enjoyed by the minority from live performance.


    It leaves traces in almost all the classic romantic movies, it stays steps of people every time they passed by, it attracts lovers dancing along with its beautiful rhythm, it keeps people together in the party to enjoy a sound feast, and bring us the to the life that our grandmother ever experienced. Get yourself a phonograph to enjoy more than the quality music,  but a richer, more meaningful and graceful life in modern time. 

    Bring the passion and nostalgia that you never experienced  

    By combining modern new technology with the old design, we greatly improved the sound quality of the phonograph and keep its unique old feeling at the same time. We also improve its compatibility to fit for all sizes of the album. Now you will only enjoy the crystal clear and full ranges sound that people in the vinyl era dreamed of, but will also feel the warm, romantic atmosphere and ancient time that you longing for.

    You want the highest quality artwork and so do we  

    You must know that we always pursuit for ultimate, perfect, and dedicated to the quality, therefore this phonograph is made of the selected and quality material, and handled gently by a professional artisan. From line to paint, the copper-plated horn to wooden base including every port is delicate and meticulous that will not make you down.


    More than quality sound, it is also very attractive in looks

    Nowadays, a phonograph is not only a device to play the music, but also an artistic decor in the room. A great phonograph should have high-quality sound, superior build quality as well as gorgeous looks. This luxury vintage phonograph with its delicate, complicated details as well as elegant and retro style will definitely be the most stunning heart in your home and fit effortlessly with any decoration style.


    It is a universal music player cater for all music tastes

    A phonograph is not the artistic decor feature in the room, not an antique designed only for the elderly or people who want to relive old times, it should cater for both modern Hipster and vinyl lovers. Whether streaming the music in vinyl, smartphone or U disc, now you can just simply connect your devices via Bluetooth USB, AUX or just push the stylus to start a convenient and fast music enjoyment. You can also control is very easliy by the wireless remote or the panel with the screen.

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