LuguLake R9 Handheld Multi-Function Bluetooth Speaker PA System with Power Bass, FM Radio, Mic Input

LuguLake R9 Handheld Multi-Function Bluetooth Speaker PA System with Power Bass, FM Radio, Mic Input

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Product Features:

  • Vintage-Looking with Modern Technology: bronze-colored metal details include a convenient antiskid handle, knobs, clear LCD Display, 12 v /4 ah high capacity Built-in Rechargeable Battery provides hours of continuous use

  • 10-in-1 Multi-Function: FM Radio with antenna, Microphone Inputs, Original/Accompany, Remote Control, USB Flash Drive, TF Memory Card Readers, Bluetooth, TWS, EQ, Record and Play through the Speaker System

  • TWS(True Wireless Stereo): Use two speakers pairing via Bluetooth to form a wireless left channel and right channel system to deliver true stereo sound effect. Bluetooth Wireless Music Streaming Ability; Aux input for non-Bluetooth devices fit for music, karaoke dancing, singing and outdoor camping.

  • Overwhelming Power Bass: 25 watts power amplifier for high-impact sound, full-range drivers, and passive radiator deliver great bass and treble. With a bass reflex system, you can get an ear-delicious bass and distortion-free mids and high sound.

Product Details:

Special Feature Portable, Wireless
Use Karaoke Player, Mobile Phone, Portable Audio Player
Type Active
Color bronze-coloured meta
Product Size 347 * 142 * 269 mm
Product Weight 4.15KG

Product Specifications:

※ Worry-Free Playtime, No More Cumbersome Speaker

> As easy as picking up a handbag, Lugulake handheld boombox is only 4.15KG. Say no to the "big" "stupid" cumbersome outdoor speaker system. Let you take your music wherever you need to go.
> LuguLake Retro Speaker stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth to enjoy the room-filling sound. A 3.5mm auxiliary input connects other portable devices. Besides, It supports U disk / TF Card Read.


> Driver: 5.25 inch for bass, 1 inch for treble
Output power: 25 Watts, Peak Power: 300 Watts
Power input: 15 v / 2 a  Capacity:12 v / 4 a

TWS(True wireless stereo) Connectivity

Take your listening experience further with the LuguLake TWS's ability to wirelessly pair to a second speaker.

What is TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Technology?
With two LuguLake Wireless Speakers, the units can be configured for the stereo playing of your Bluetooth music content.

How is the TWS operation set up?
Connected two LuguLake speakers, you can achieve true wireless Bluetooth playing for left and right channels separated. Just control the TWS master device. Once paired, rock out in left and right stereo sound in 2 individual sound chambers. Audio can be played in sync on both devices with double enhanced stereo sound.


With the wireless remote control, the remote operation is unrestrained and simple. It is suitable for meeting, teaching, promotion and other occasions.

LCD Digital Display

The top LCD screen can display the current sound source mode, volume, radio, and residual electricity, and the operation is intuitive and easy to understand.

Mic & Radio Boombox

Microphone priority, Original/ Accompany function. Recording and Playing, EQ setting knob, Dedicated buttons store 6 FM and 6 AM stations, and the rubber antenna give a great reception.

Bass Reflex System

The vent allows air to circulate in and out of the box helps increase the efficiency of the woofer, with the substantial contribution on the low frequencies as compared to a typical closed box loudspeaker or a baffle mounting.

Package Includes:

R9 Speaker*1 unit, Manual* 1, Cable *1, Remote Control*1, Microphone not included. 1-year warranty and 24 hours service.


Compatible with Microphone/Ipod/Phone/USB/TF recorder/Laptop

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