Nalanda 18kHz Metal Detector with 5 Detection Modes, Outdoor Gold Digger Metal Finder with Adjustable Sensitivity Waterproof Search Coil LCD Display (Included Earphones & Foldable Shovel)

Nalanda 18kHz Metal Detector with 5 Detection Modes, Outdoor Gold Digger Metal Finder with Adjustable Sensitivity Waterproof Search Coil LCD Display (Included Earphones & Foldable Shovel)

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[High Sensitivity Detector for Fine Gold]Nalanda18KHZ high-sensitivity metal detector accurately detects small particles of gold in shallow areas. It equipped a waterproof 8.5 inches to search coil (the control box is not waterproof), and can capture 9 kinds of metals including gold, silver, copper, coins, cultural relics, jewelry and so on. It is very suitable for detecting in the sand, cave hunting, beaches and deserts, etc.

[Precise Pinpointer Function and Adjustable Sensitivity]The Pinpointer feature precisely positions the target and displays its depth, detecting up to 10 inches (test coin: 25). Intelligent ground balance can be easily adjusted to the soil you are hunting. Easily identify buried targets.

[Multiple Modes for Your Choice]In addition to All-metal mode, Discrimination and Pinpointer modes, the metal detector also has a custom and memory mode. You can more easily eliminate targets or metal trash that you don't need. The LCD display is large and clear, easy to operate. And combined with an adjustable rod and bracket strap for convenient and personal use.

[Intuitive and Friendly Interface for Easier Operation]The LCD display visually displays 4 detection modes, 6 sensitivity levels, 3 gear volume adjustments, battery power and 4 unique audio alarms to determine the type of metal you are detecting. In complex environments, sensitivity can be reduced to avoid interference. You can also use the backlight to detect at night, power by 6AA alkaline batteries (battery not included).

[Excellent Value for Your Cost]You will get : 1 * metal detector, 1 * multi-function foldable shovel (can be used as a cymbal or shovel), 1 * headphones (support 3.5mm audio jack), 1 x user manual. For any quality related questions, please feel free to contact us to get a satisfactory solution. Warranty: 12-month.


Nalanda metal detectors are designed for the professional treasure hunter. With this powerful multi-function metal detector, you can find treasures such as the small grain gold, which is unique in the market. You can also look for coins, artifacts, jewelry or whatever you want to meet your collection hobby. For those looking for a high-performance metal detector, this is a Nalanda gold digger you must have!

18KHZ Multi-Function Metal Detector
* P/P precise positioning function narrows the range of the target area
* 4+1 operating modes adjustable from 01 to 99 two digits
* 5-segment depth level: 2''/4''/6''/8''/10+
* 3-speed adjustable volume
* 4 tone alarm modes
* 8.5-inch waterproof search coil
* Adjustable waterproof rod (only control box is not waterproof)
6*AA battery can be on standby for 40 hours (package does not contain battery)
* Intelligent preset ground balance eliminates mineralization
* Built-in speaker
* LCD display size: 75*55mm
* LED Backlight
* Low battery indicator

Adjustable Angle of 8.5-inch Waterproof Search Coil
The detachable rod and search coil are waterproof, especially suitable for use in outdoors, beach or stream. But the display is not waterproof, please pay attention to the display should be careful to keep away from the water. 

Memory Mode Locks the Metal You Want
The detector remembers the metal selected by an operator and reacts only to this metal. Press the MODE button once and the detector enters the MEMORY state. At this time, all 12 authentication cursors are displayed. You can scan the top of the probe with the selected metal object, leaving only a corresponding identification cursor and its 2 discrimination cursors on left and right, and the other authentication cursors are all extinguished. 

Multi-function Folding Shovel
The metal detector features an adjustable lever for different users. The sponge pad provides a comfortable grip to reduce finger joint fatigue and tension. Nalanda equipped with a folding shovel to help you explore the treasure.

Package Included:
1 X Nalanda Metal Detector
1 X User Manual 
1 X Folding Shovel
1 X Headphone

EAN: 6936034385148

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