ECVV Portable Sterilizer Wand, UV Disinfection Wand Ultraviolet Handheld Sanitizer Wand for Home, Office, Travel Use

ECVV Portable Sterilizer Wand, UV Disinfection Wand Ultraviolet Handheld Sanitizer Wand for Home, Office, Travel Use

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  • 【Eliminate 99.9% of Bacteria In 5 Secs】ECVV Sanitizer Wand over surfaces to kill up to 99% of common bacteria, viruses, mold, and dust mites in just 5 seconds. Keep you and your family a healthy and clean life, reduce the chance to get Influenza, skin inflammation, etc.
  • 【Touch Button for More Convenience】This cordless, handheld UV Sterilizer is lightweight, convenient and simple to use. Keep touching the only one button to sterilize, and release it when finished sterilize. Compare with other sterilizers that need to be pressed all the time, this one is effortless and saves your finger from sore and boring.
  • 【Safety with Triple Protection】ECVV utilize natural UV light to eliminate the harmful material. No radiation, bad smell or any chemical remains for a reassurance use. It equipped with a safety lock, a vibration system and will only work when touching to prevent any operating by mistake. It also has a built-in gravity sensor to avoid the light hurt your eye when the item reversed.
  • 【Great Sterilizer in Daily Life】It measures 13 x 2.5cm, weights 74g. UV Wavelengths UV(270-285nm), Micro USB charging port. Easy to carry, store in the bag or purse. No matter the pillow, glass in the hotel, the tableware, toilet seat in public, the chair or steering wheels in a car, the desktop and the keyboard in the office, or the feeding bottle, smartphones, clothes and anything at home, it will make all of them safe and clean in 5s.
  • 【Reliable Rechargeable Battery】Uses a rechargeable battery, capacity about 800 mAh, can be used for 90 mins after a full charge. Made of quality plastic and alloy with a smooth and delicate finish, this product is not just durable and practical, but also attractive and beautiful. The slim and tilt head can also reach to the very small corner to make a throughout sterilizing.

  • Product description

    Everyone Should Own an ECVV Sterilizer for Personal and Family Health
    Bacteria exist at almost any place we stay in no matter the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, office, car, especially in the public. Even in a well-cleaned home, there are millions of bacteria around us. It’s important to ensure a healthy and safe living environment, especially when we or our beloved are weak, sick, tired, pregnant or has the baby by side. With this UV Sanitizing Wand, it will eliminate 99% of bacterias in just 5s, it is necessary to own one to keep a clean and hygiene life.

    ECVV handheld UV wand allow you to take and use it everywhere
    You can never image how many people use the same tableware and the toilet before you in the public, workplace, dorm room or in a hotel. Now with our portable Sanitizing Wand, you can easily take it out from your pocket or bag and scan the chair, toilet, forks, glass for just 5s to enjoy reassurance and clean life than ever.

    Not Only Environment-friendly, But Also Save Your Time and Money
    Compare with the traditional disinfectant sprays or sanitizing wipes which has the smell, chemical remains or harmful to the environment, this UV sterilizer uses natural UV light that can be reused. With this sterilizer wand, you will save a lot to buy the disinfectant, disposable toilet seat and prevent hundreds of trees to be made into the sanitizing wipes.

    A Practical Sterilizer to Everyday Household Products
    As a universal sterilizer that can be applied to all object and surface(Do not use it on the body, especially the eye of human and pet ), this product is not only useful to kill the invisible bacterial in any household products like the toy,clothes, pillow, pet cushion, phone, remote control, doorknob and so on. It will also keep a safe use of personal belongings like toothbrush, cosmetics, razor.

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