IBAMA IB-PInsoles01-M Massage Gel Shoe Insoles - Man's Size

IBAMA IB-PInsoles01-M Massage Gel Shoe Insoles - Man's Size

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Product Features:

  • Shoe Type and Size: Trim to suitable for most sizes. The insoles are thick(Height: 4mm-10mm) than a normal one, not for tight shoes and not for the too heavy person.

  • Pressure Power Ring: When walking, body weight is most concentrated in the heel position. Unloading force specifically ring will help to ease a large number of heel pains

  • Soft Bottom of the Cone: Will help distribute power walking, body weight on a point not to reduce a large number of walking through the foot pain

  • Relieve Foot or Knee Pressure: Prevent and improve with health pain, knee pain, low back pain by the foot and another symptom

  • Please wear socks: Effect differs from man to man. Accept return no matter you trim/wear it or not.

Product Details:

Brand Name
Model Number
Target User
Product Dimensions
11.4 x 3.9 x 1 inches
1 pair Gel Massage Shoe Insoles
Shipping Weight
7.2 ounces

Product Specifications:

3D Support for Walk And Run Longer 

Do sport to relax thanks to the pressure insoles and his concept of manufacturing innovative this base will allow you to enjoy your walk or your sports preferred without any pain or injury.

A sole with a pressure power ring which allows to limit and prevent pain in the heel, the soft bottom of the cone allows a better maintenance and reduced pain in the foot when walking or sport, it's two great unique concepts relax your feet when walking. 

Good for your body 

The sole prevents more serious pain as knee pain, low back pain by the football and other symptoms The sole Pressure insoles can be worn in sports, for walking shoes, sporting activities or in your town for total comfort shoes all day.

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