CHIYODA CYD-SWI10 Automatic Single Watch Winder Handmade Wooden Watch Box with Quiet Mabuchi Motor and 12 Rotation Modes

CHIYODA CYD-SWI10 Automatic Single Watch Winder Handmade Wooden Watch Box with Quiet Mabuchi Motor and 12 Rotation Modes

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Product Features:

  • CHIYODA Patent Natural Style: 100% Handmade wood frame, low gloss wooden veneering on the box surface has matte texture.
  • Noise-isolating upgraded components reduce the annoying sound. Japan MABUCHI motor inside is long lasting, extremely silent when running.
  • Two Knobs Control: 4 TPD (1850-1250-950-650) and 3 directions (clockwise, counterclockwise, both) can be set to match more watches. Each TPD has same rotation speed but different interval time.
  • Placing your watch on the foam pillow, acrylic organic glass cover protect your watch dust free. Velvet interior is soft, durable and fadeless. Enough clearance to avoid big watch abrasion.
  • Compact Size: 5.9in×5.12in×5.12in Power: AC Adapter or Battery: AA (Battery and Adapter can't work simultaneously). 18 months Warranty

Product Specifications:

More Than Just Watch Winder, It’s Work of Art 

You can’t criticize the classical look of a compact size case. Deluxe piano baking varnished watch winder box with brilliant finishing and luxurious design, the high-quality solid wood material made. Metal Hinges are sturdy and high quality. Every watch winder experienced 21 procedures of 100% handmade work to be assembled. We took each process in strict control and multiple inspections to present you this exquisite winder. 

12 Rotation Modes Broadly Wind Your Watch 

Upgrade Version has two knobs separately control direction and TPD. Combined with clockwise, counterclockwise and both direction for your choice. Fit for almost 98% automatic watch, Choose best option to avoid not enough winding and over-stressed winding. Operated by either AC Adapter(included) or 2* 1.5V Battery (not included), Simply switch on power, then the cup inside the box begin to a rotation. With the battery and its impact size, you can take it to travel.

No Noise, No Annoying Winding Sound 

With upgrades panel and the extremely quiet Mabuchi motor make sure long usage time and quieter running. This watch winder can be put on anywhere especially bedroom and office day and night.

Support Both Small And Larger Watch Size

The soft pillow has 80mm diameter which seats on the center of the box with proper angle is adjustable to fit for small or big watch reach to 60mm cover and straps. Don’t worry it would not hit and scratch the acrylic window.

Zero Magnetization & No Harm

Keep your watch accurate and secure. Anti-static treatment is done for motor & circuit board 

Please Pay Attention: 

Following different TPDs(Turn Per Day) control, short and regular stop and continue to rotate during running will happen. Not means the watch winder is broken or stopped. Can't work for Seiko kinetic watch.

Compact Size: 5.9in*5.11*in*5.11in

Power: AC Adapter or Battery: AA (Battery and Adapter can't work simultaneously)

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