Gangnamstyle GNS-GC001 Junior Complete Golf Clubs Set with Golf Bag & Headcover for Teensr 9-13 Years Old (141-164cm, 9 Pieces)

Gangnamstyle GNS-GC001 Junior Complete Golf Clubs Set with Golf Bag & Headcover for Teensr 9-13 Years Old (141-164cm, 9 Pieces)

Product Code: GNS-GC001
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Dexterity Right Handed
Gender Junior
Shaft Material Titanium
Club Type Complete Set of Clubs
Brand Name Gangnamstyle
Place of Origin China (Mainland)
Color Green

Product Features:

※ Durable and sleek design- Full titanium loft in drivers and quality alloy in irons painted with colorful and energetic coating will not easily get faded, tore or dented for a long-lasting using with time goes.   

※ Convenient of Use- each of club numbered for easy recognition and swift switching especially helpful for the beginner. 9 angles allow you more selection adjusting to grip and distance, thus to get the most out of every shot in the different area.

※ Ultra-light and flexible- Super light carbon shaft and flexible hitting area specially designed for the teenager with superior control and feel, it increased speed to compensate for the teenager's weakness lacking strength.

※  Complete Golf Set- 9 piece clubs with everything needed for golfing including 3 kinds of wood for strong and far hitting, 5 irons providing various speed for more distance and 1 easy-to-align pusher for an accurate short shot.   

※ Stylish Bag and Headcovers- Lightweight, stylish back-strap bag for easy holding and carrying. Multiple pockets for extra storage. Every club equipped with a cover to keep club organization and protection. 

Product Specifications:

Start your golf career on the green early with this Gangnamstyle junior complete set for maximum playability and improvement.

- Premium Quality and Workmanship for Optimized Using Experience  
Gangnamstyle made of high-quality materials with ultra-light and flexible shaft for teenager golfer, combined with its exquisite craftsmanship and advanced technology to give you the best user experience.  

- A Thinner, Stronger Face for Incredible Speed and Forgiveness
A thinner, stronger face and sole structure designed for the teenager to increase the speed with less strength, thus to give a straightener and a longer initial launch. Oversized hit-area improved workability and forgiving even on off-center hit.

- 5 Sleek Irons with Various Selection Increase Confidence and Performance
A great alternative 5 irons with larger Sweet Zone delivering distance, more forgiveness, and ultra-precise for various terrains and distance. Its improved control and workability give the beginner added confidence when attacking the pin.

- Well Balanced and Matte Pusher for Easier and Accurate Shot
Gangnamstyle putter paid unparalleled attention to details including provides maximum spin, trajectory control, and it will evenly share the weight to provide you with extreme accuracy to perform your best.

- Light & Waterproof PU Bag with Club Headcover for Best Protection
Durable and waterproof PU golf bag suit for different sizes club storage. Anti-slip handle enhance comfort gripping for a hassle-free carry. Every club has its own cover to keep a good organization and protection.

Product Details:

Gangnamstyle Junior Complete Golf Clubs Set with Golf Bag Headcover for Teenager 916 years old 9 Pieces

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