Nalanda NLD-BB01 Wooden Balance Board Standing Desk for Balance Training & Exercising, Physical Therapy

Nalanda NLD-BB01 Wooden Balance Board Standing Desk for Balance Training & Exercising, Physical Therapy

Product Code: NLD-BB01
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Brand Name Nalanda
color yellow and black
material wood
Size 33*12.2*1.8(inch)
Conditions Brand New
Place of Origin China (Mainland)

Nalanda Balance board is a very convenient tool for multi-purpose. It helps to improve core strength, balance, overall fitness, muscles building and so on. Just minutes a day in office, at home or even in the traveling, it will help you to achieve your goals easily, and with the minimum money and time to rehabbing from an injury, or easing pains or aches, no need to go to the gym and the spa anymore. Also as it needs focus, your concentration and persistence can also get improved.


Why We Choose Nalanda Balance Board?


Nalanda saves more money and time on exercise

with the portable and lightweight design, you can almost use the Nalanda balance board in most any area, put it under the office desk, and use it in breaking time or just feel boring, or use it at home when you want to exercise or get recovering from injury and easing from pains and aches, no need to go to the gym or spa anymore, save more time and money.   


Nalanda Offers More Comfort And Safety

Nalanda uses premium material and solid construction, the loading weight can reach up to 350 pounds. It is nicely finished with a textured surface provides more comfort and safety with or without shoes. For the beginners who prepare to skate, surf, skateboard and so on, this will greatly improve their skills in a safe condition without the limitation of the weather and the areas.

Nalanda Gives You More Challenges and Fun

Nalanda offers more fun and challenges to its users. the solid construction allows a wider variety of movements beside just standing on it. Can normal exercise not satisfy your needs anymore? Try to the standard crunch, plank, squat, or push up on Nalanda balance board to increase difficulty! for athletes, sports enthusiast or among friends, it is also a fun way to challenge each other to see who can stay on the longest.

Nalanda Promise 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Full 1-year warranty against any manufacturers defects or malfunction is included. We aim to offer the best customer service and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Please feel free to contact us at support@lugulake. Us if you have any problem.


Product Specifications:

-Board 33*12.2*1.8(inch)  

-Roller:6.1inches diameter

-Non-Slip Grips
-High-Quality Material

-Sturdy and stable Construction
-Slip-resistance deck

-Nicely finished board

-Rubber wrapped roll
-100% satisfaction guarantee


Notes: Children under 13 years old is not suggested to use it, if use, please under adults' supervision. for beginners, please practice on a carpet or holding the wall with safety protection. 
Nalanda Wooden Balance Board Standing Desk for Balance Training And Exercising Physical Therapy

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