Nalanda NLD-MD01 Metal Detector with Multiple Modes & Tones Detector Discriminate Desired Targets Outdoor Gold Digger

Nalanda NLD-MD01 Metal Detector with Multiple Modes & Tones Detector Discriminate Desired Targets Outdoor Gold Digger

Product Code: NLD-MD01
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Brand Name Nalanda
Warranty 12
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Power supply 4 AA batteries power supply

Discover the precious metals, jewelry, coins, and treasures with this premium metal detector!

Product Features:

Five plus one operation modes:

-all metal, discriminate, custom, memory, jewelry, pinpoint

6 sensitivity control

75-38cm adjustable length

12 kinds of target metals discrimination:

4 kinds of warning tones

7538mm display surface

Green or white LCD backlight 

8.5 inches open waterproof search coil

1/8 inch earphone jack (Earphone is not included)

4 AA batteries power supply (Battery is not included) 


Product Specifications:

User-Friendly Screen with Backlight for Easy Change and Check on the Go.

Use the simple user interface to choose your favorite mode. Let the clear display tell you what type of target you have found by flashing icons. 

Find and locate Targets Quickly &Precisely

Large search coil will detect a wide range of metals, so you will not miss any treasure. High-sensitive pinpoint maximizing target signals allow you to search and locate target precisely and quickly.

Identify Target Type Easily forMultiple Purpose

Activate from all-metal mode to discrimination or custom pattern to find what you want for multiple purposes including hunting treasure, gold digging, finding lost jewels or coin. 4 different tones are corresponding with different metal types. 

Ergonomic and Adjustable for Comfortable Use of Different People

Rugged and lightweight construction allows you to enjoy long detecting sessions comfortably. Adjustable handle and bracket strap is suitable for young and old treasure hunters with different height.  

Waterproof and Wirelessly Detection with or without Headphones

With this versatile treasure detector, you can go detecting anywhere of lands, beach, rivers, streams as is waterproof to 3 m. It powered by 4 AA batteries for a long-time and free detection with or without headphones. 

Nalanda Metal Detector with Multiple Modes and Tones Detector Discriminate Desired Targets Outdoor Gold Digger

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