CHIYODA WATCH05-W Women's Stylish Embroidery Watch with Golden Case Waterproof Personalized Floral Embroidered Swiss Movement Automatic Watch

CHIYODA WATCH05-W Women's Stylish Embroidery Watch with Golden Case Waterproof Personalized Floral Embroidered Swiss Movement Automatic Watch

Product Code: CYD-WATCH05-W
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Product Features:

Quality Swiss Movement- Adopted with Swiss ETA2892A2 movement. It is quality, powerful and durable for years use. and it ensures a precise time-keeping and powerful movement of the second hand. Powered by a battery.  

- Glamorous Embroidered Watch -Demure, classical design with delicate floral embroidered face and 24k gold watch case. Every embroidery is made by a traditional master and it is unique and can't copy!  

- Simple and Large Watch Dial- 38mm big-faced with sapphire glass is very clear to display the time. the three gold hands contrast with the black embroidery picture will never go out of style.

- Precise Automatic-Self-Wind Watch- Adopted with Swiss movement. It is quality, precise and durable for years use, and run indefinitely via its wearer moving arm instead of manual winding or battery.  

- Comfortable and Customize Wristband- the strap is optional (suede leather /crocodile leather /leather/stainless steel) to perfectly match your wrist and personal style. The length also can be chosen for a cozy and decent wearing feeling.

- Great Accessory Fit for all Dresses- Perfect accessory for wedding, birthday, anniversary, engagement. Unique present for your wife, father, girlfriend, grandma, sister, friend etc. Warranty is 18 months. You can return it to get 80% money back 1 year after the purchase day. All personalized watch need 30 days to finish.

Product Details:

Swiss ETA2892A2
FeatureWater Resistant
TypeLuxury, Embroidery

Product Specifications:

Elegant and Luxurious Watch  

This vintage and attractive lady watch boast 24k gold with a non-reflective glass that is made from sapphire. It is finely crafted in every of its detail especially the beautiful embroidery dial, which blends perfectly with the golden case to create a discreet rich and elegant feeling.

Unique and Clear Time Display

The watch dial is very simple but beautiful with an embroidered painting which means happy, harmony and love in traditional culture. Its gold hands and markers contrast with the dark background make it easy to read time and displays the time in a unique fashion.     

A Classical Timepiece Pass on Generations

This Chiyoda lady watch is powered by an automatic mechanical movement from Swiss. It is quality enough to resist the erosion of time and will last so many years' running. It is can be passed on as a heritage to grandson to convey you love generation to generation.  the mechanical movement also means it can run anytime when wearing it and move.

Great Gift for both Formal and Fun Occasions.

If you are looking for some chic accessory to complete your jewelry box, or you want a stunning gift to surprise the recipient, then this watch is just the one for you! It is both practical and excellent in decorating. It blends vintage and modern, it also shows a rich but elegant. It combines so many styles in its design will make it a great eye-catching accessory and gift for all occasions.  


Note: Handmade watches always takes a lot of time to finish every of its part, and the watchmaker can only output a certain number of watches per day. so we need 30 days to ship the watch after ordering. as it is made of gold, we promise we will always recycling this watch in 80% of its original price after 1 year from its purchase day. Womens Stylish Embroidery Watch with Golden Case Personalized Floral Embroidered Watch
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