Stylish Jewelry Watch Eagle Pattern Women/Man Luxury PT950 Platinum Swiss Quartz Watch Leather Strap Belt Watch

Stylish Jewelry Watch Eagle Pattern Women/Man Luxury PT950 Platinum Swiss Quartz Watch Leather Strap Belt Watch

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Product Features:

  • Luxury PT950 Platinum Case- with platinum to form its case, this luxury watch is so introverted and elegant to exude a retro charm. The precious and the rare also make it not just a watch, but a stunning jewelry you deserve
  • Delicate and Excellent Craftsmanship- look at the clean dial; you will find a sculptured eagle standing upon the worldwide. The pattern is vivid and the lines are smooth, thus making the watch a highly ornamental and personalized artwork
  • Simple, Elegant and Clear- a classical 42 mm case with scratch-resistant sapphire glass cover ensures an easy time reading and clear viewing. The silver-white bezel is decorated with a bold and elegant pattern, which creates a watch of timeless elegance
  • Quality Swiss Quartz Movement- high quality, reliable and precise Swiss Quartz movement. Powered by battery and do not require human intervention, thus ensure superior accuracy and requires less watch repairing time and skill
  • Perfect personalized gift- bold and elegant, simple and luxury, this platinum watch is so gorgeous, precious and memorized. Perfect for birthdays, anniversary, graduation, retirement, wedding party, promotion, business meeting, and other milestone celebrations

Product description

Not all the watch can be called luxury watch although they said they are, but all watch that with platinum will definitely be valuable and striking. And chiyoda platinum case watch must be a classic example of the combination of jewelry and watch, a perfect mist of luxury and elegant. 

It Is Not Just a Watch, But a Work Of Art 
Ready to enjoy the eye-catching feeling that only a few privileged people can experience? Imagine you are surrounded by expensive and fragrant platinum and calf leather, precise and enchanting ticking from Swiss Quartz Movement, and gorgeous and delicate craftsmanship. This special watch will show your unique lifestyle... Wearing it through the light, the ornament on your body blend with the reflection of light, this is noble and reserved. 

Time May Change Your Memory, but Platinum Watch Will Keep It Forever
Platinum as a precious material that will last forever, it inspires people to remember the important moments and make them a part of life. It is a thing more than timepiece or ornaments, but a smile in her/ his face, a shine memory in mind, and even a heritage for the next generation. Let this everlasting platinum watch witness your intimate or your self’s precious memory, and light up the important day that commitment to love, a celebration of a new life, a wedding anniversary, graduation or promotion. 

As Beautiful and Elegant as an Eagle, Show Prestige and Fearless
An eagle will never surrender to its prey, just like this watch; will never be defeated by other watches. Perfectly blend superb craftsmanship and delicate ideas, we create a classic silver coin-like watch dial with a brave eagle standing upon the whole. It expresses a spirit that “to be the eyes of an eagle, to overlooking the world ", it is the invisible soul pervading in this watch. It is also the incarnation of America Spirit, the memento of a history. 

Product Details:

Gender Unisex
Material Platinum
Feature Water Resistant
Type Luxury, Quartz
Swiss ETA2892A2
Brand Name CHIYODA
CHIYODA Luxury Platinum Watch with Carving of Map and Eagle Pattern Swiss Quartz Movement Real Cowhide StrapUnisex

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