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CHIYODA Men's Automatic Watch, Jade Watch, Luxury Sapphire Mirror --- Dark Jade

CHIYODA Men's Automatic Watch, Jade Watch, Luxury Sapphire Mirror --- Dark Jade

Product Code: CYD-WATCH07-M
Stock Instock
Gender Men
Material Not Specified
Feature Water Resistant
Type Luxury
Brand Name CHIYODA
CHIYODA Mens Automatic Watch Jade Watch Luxury Sapphire Mirror Black Jade
  • [Luxury and Classic Time Piece]42mm large jade case, sapphire Crystal, Swiss made automatic movement, 48-hour power reserve, green Jade dial with 12 diamonds set, date display, waterproof to 30m.
  • [Graces Your Wrist Right Now]People use watches to show their Fashion. As a perfect accessory make a unique statement, CHIYODA Jade Watch delivers an extremely elegant, confident and incredibly unique Stylish.
  • [A Convenient and Elegant Way to Display Time]this beautifully Crafted dark jade watch has been carved to display you the time and Date. with 3 golden hands in the smooth, calming dark jade dial, you'll Know the time easily from a quick of glance.
  • [Health, Wealth, and Love Stone] Made of pure and cool dark Jade, not only heal and relax your body, emotion, and soul, but also Bring you good luck, long life, harmony, wealth and strong belief Achieve your goals.
  • [A Clean, Modern Design for Everyday Use]No matter you are Looking for a unique and expensive watch for collection, or a valuable Gift to family, friends or yourself, this extraordinary luxurious and Stunning watch will definitely surprise everyone who sees it.               

Product description

Adorned with jade dial and golden case, this gorgeous, Energetic and elegant watch offers natural beauty and a high-class Prestige.

Sleek, Sophisticated and Elegant CHIYODA Watch Is a Timeless Classic
Features a sleek and chic design, and a see-through golden caseback that shows you the excellent of the great traditional watchmaking Craftsmanship and complicated movement. Perfect for watch collectors and Jade fans alike, or as a great showpiece.

Light up Your Day-to-Day Look with this Stunning Watch
Dress to impressive wearing this CHIYODA watch. A dial surrounded by a Diamond-accented set makes this watch an attention-grabbing timepiece and a breathtaking accessory. Add it to your business or casual attire, and let it elevate your daily style.

Let CHIYODA Jade Watch to Light up Every of Your Unique Moment
A New phone may no longer work in 2-3 years, a top quality clothing will Get shabby after 5 years, but a watch, a jade watch, if properly cared for, can be used a lifetime, even for generations. Let this CHIYODA jade Watch to keep company with you in each of your important days like Birthday, anniversary, promotion or wedding. and take you back to these Moments when you get old.

Keep up with Your Active Lifestyle with CHIYODA Jade Watch
Wearing this nature jade watch, you will feel a touch of cool and have a calmer and more peaceful mind, as well as a self-confident stylish. If you are the one who seeks for love, health, strong mind and wealth, or you want To stand out in crowds with a unique style, and then you cannot miss this watch!                

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