CHIYODA Men's Watch, Swiss Quartz Wrist Watch with Leather Strap,24K Gold Plated with Carving Process of Map and Eagle Pattern

CHIYODA Men's Watch, Swiss Quartz Wrist Watch with Leather Strap,24K Gold Plated with Carving Process of Map and Eagle Pattern

Product Code: CYD-WATCH08-EAGLE
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Product Features:

    【Luxury Golden Case】Dial material:24K Gold ,Case diameter: 38 millimeters, Band Color: Brown, Dial color:Gold, Movement: Swiss quartz,Leather strap:Calfskin,Glass:sapphire glass, Watch Bezel: Stainless Steel with Gold Plated
    【Simple, Elegant and Clear】38 mm case is not too big or small for an adult,Scratch-resistant glass ensures an easy time reading.Leather strap is comfortable and breathable.
    【An Eagle Conquer the World】Sculptured eagle standing upon the worldwide. The pattern is clear and the lines are smooth, thus making the watch a popular minimalist style.
    【Swiss Ronda Quartz Movement】Reliable Swiss Quartz offers precise time reading. Powered by battery ensure superior accuracy and easy to use daily.
    【Perfect personalized gift】noble and elegant,24K Gold watch is so gorgeous, precious.Perfect for birthdays, anniversary, graduation, retireme

    Product description

    Time Treasure Hunter – CHIYODA

    A star is a star, it does not have to try to shine

    CHIYODA represents the spirit of pioneering. At the core of CHIYODA is a belief that Be yourself, everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde. CHIYODA unique watch design helps you know yourself better. What you are is already beautiful, strong enough, good enough, bright enough.

    The Eagle Symbolizes Freedom, Strength, Valor And Victory

    Eagle usually shows on many national flags or emblems and used by the army. It is the incarnation of perseverance, unyielding, hard work, upward and power. It also represents courage, strength and insight. An eagle will never surrender to its prey, just like this watch. Just like them, keep your eyes open up, see your target clearly. Once you find an opportunity, grab it! We hope it can be a daily reminder to never stop, never settle, and stay in relentless pursuit of your goals

    Perfectly blend superb craftsmanship and delicate ideas, we create a classic coin-like watch dial with a brave eagle standing upon the whole. It expresses a spirit that “to be the eyes of an eagle, to overlooking the world ", it is the invisible soul pervading in this watch.

    Noble, Wealth and High Status - 24K Gold Rare Metal

    24K Gold represents treasure and power which is never faded,it is valuable to be material of watches. As a noble material that will last forever, it inspires people to remember the important moments and make them a part of life.It is a thing more than timepiece or ornaments, but a smile in her/ his face, a shine memory in mind, and even a heritage for the next generation. This 24K Gold watch will be your precious gift for commitment to love, a celebration of a new life, a wedding anniversary, graduation or promotion.

    Polished With Years, Remembered By Time

    Ready to enjoy the eye-catching feeling that only a few privileged people can experience? Imagine you are surrounded by expensive and fragrant gold and calf leather, precise and enchanting ticking from Swiss Quartz Movement, and gorgeous and delicate craftsmanship. This special watch will show your unique lifestyle. Wearing it through the light, the ornament on your body blend with the reflection of light, this is noble and reserved.  

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