NALANDA Balance Board Stability Trainer, Wooden Roller Board Anti Slip Roller for Fun Workout, Board Training, Core Strength, Stability in Office/Home/Gym (Included 2 Rollers)

NALANDA Balance Board Stability Trainer, Wooden Roller Board Anti Slip Roller for Fun Workout, Board Training, Core Strength, Stability in Office/Home/Gym (Included 2 Rollers)

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  • 【Unique Pattern Design】Great design of the curved deck and classic and colorful strap graphics, this stylish yet attractive appeal board will be the focus at home or in the gym and improve overall body wellness.
  • 【Multiple ways of use】Very easy to use, get well exercised and sweat within minutes after stepping on, you can stand, kneel, sit, or lay on it or do sit-ups, curl-ups or crunches on it to maximize the fitness workout.
  • 【Anti-slip Surface】The non-slip, high-density top surface with long deck provides more moving space and additional traction during use. Durable strength constructed from sturdy plywood supports.
  • 【Adjustable Difficulty Level】Adjust the stopper underneath the board to make it fit for 2 levels of progression or remove the stopper for maximum freedom of any kind of trick from Beginner to intermediate to advanced.
  • 【Advantages of Training】Greatly improve stability, agility, and strength, reduce risk of injury, enhance coordination and core strength, also improve skills in Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Surfing and so on.

  • EAN/UPC:  6936034385278 

  • Product description

    If you’re looking for an attractive and functional as well as an adjustable balance board, then this NALANDA balance board will be your best option. This bright and high-performance board is not only adjustable to fit for different aims, more importantly, but it will also add fun and changes to your monotonous workout routine. 

    Sturdy and Strong strength board built to last
    With solid wooden deck and a very heavy duty PVC roller, this NALANDA balance board is both stylish and attractive as well as very sturdy and durable. It will provide a steady rocking motion and strong loading capacity. We also lengthen the deck for enough roomy to give your feet more freedom to move about. 

    Unique design with a non-slip surface for comfortable use
    A colorful and classic Striped Graffiti coated on the top surface, this natural warm wooden deck with a curved design1 will stand out in a group of normal boards and get popular among a variety of types of people. This coated surface is also specially processed for additional traction, so you will find it is comfortable to stand up, even without shoes

    Flexible roller stops fit for more levels with more creativity
    The roller stops held by 2 big screws with rubber caps underneath the deck is very easy to adjust in minutes to fit for a beginner or advanced’s need. Move it to get started or move it to the end to add more difficulty. For any professionals, they can also remove the stops for unlimited move and creativity. 

    It will maximize the workout efforts
    This balance board will be easily incorporated into your daily workout routine. Doing sit-ups or other exercises on a balance board will add more challenge and fun to your daily workout. It will bring you more intensity, difficulty and increasing gravity compare with doing the same training when not on the board. Your overall stability and performance will be improved.

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